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How about Myanmar Tourism?

Myanmar is an almost tourism virgin country but also there are many unexplored beautiful tourist sites. Therefore, Myanmar might be a leading tourism market in Asian very soon years according to temperate climate, historical sites, rivers, caves, hill and beaches. Due to over 60 years dark ages of Myanmar, Myanmar tourism industries did not develop several decades as much as other Asian countries .Now ,all are becoming change thus tourism will change.

Is it worth touring in Myanmar?

Yes, we dare to say like this because Myanmar has ancient capital cities such as Bagan, Mrauk U and others in which there are varieties architecture sites to be observed .For example, one of the temple of Bagan is That Byin Nyu which was built by king Alaung Sithu in A.D 1144.Due to having four stories building, it is the tallest structure in Bagan over 870 years ago. Moreover, Lonely Planet referred to Mrauk U such as next Angkor Wat. Finally, why we say yes, it's worth touring in Myanmar because of having rather big ancient capital cities, bagan which has over 4000 ancient temple and pagodas and Mrauk U in which there are over 700 ancient temples. Furthermore, there are icy mountains in northen Myanmar and many beautiful beaches in south-west coast of Myanmar.

Top Myanmar Tourists Attractions


Formerly known as Rangoon, Yangon means "End of Strife". It has over 5 million people and also is the country's largest city and the most important commercial centre. The British seized Yangon and all lower Burma in the second Anglo-Burmese War of 1852, and transformed Yangon in to the commercial and political hub of British Burma. Due to these facts, now aday, there are many colonial buildings in Yangon.Moreover, Shwedagon Pagoda is one of the most famous places in Myanmar and also there are many sights to see.

 Around the Yangon

Syriam was once port city during 15th century and also a colonial region of Portuguese. Next,in 1852 after Second Anglo-Burmese War ,it became a part of the British Empire.There are some interesting sites in Syrim to see.Twante is a small township other side of Hlaing river, beyond Yangon. This peaceful town is famous for its pottery. Many local potteries is using traditional ways to craft earthenware. Bago, also known as Pegu, was the capital of the Mon Kingdom in the 15th century and is a town steeped in legend. The sites in Bago are spread out around the town. The 55-metre long reclining Shwethalyaung Buddha, the four seated Buddhas at Kyaikpun and the old palace of Kambozathadi. The Mon-style Shwemawdaw Pagoda is the most outstanding religious monument in Bago.


Mandalay is the historical old capital, a capital of Myanmar culture. There are many tourist attractions such as Mahar Myat Muni huge Buddha image that the most admirable pagoda in Mandalay, gold leaf plating ward where those who live in traditionally making gold leaf which can offer to Buddha images and pagodas, Then ancient golden palace monastery which is made only with teak and one of the finest woodcarving work Kaungbaung era, 729 stone scripts known as the world biggest book located within Kaungmutaw pagoda compound.

Around the Mandalay

Cross Ayeyarwaddy River to reach to Sagaing where there are over 600 white coloured pagodas and many monasteries so that Sagaing is accepted as quiet and peace place for being religious zone. There are also about 3000 monks and over 100 meditation centre .Then we carry on Swan Oo Ponnya Shin Pogada , Kaung Mutaw and over 30 caves. Next, we continue to Ava which is an ancient throne city in 14th and 18th century. We can tour in Ava with horse carts and we can observe fine ancient architecture at Mahar Aung Myae Bonsan and Vargaya monasteries and ancient city wall. Amarapura where there is a bridge known as U Pein Bridge which is crossing over Taung Thanman Lake.


Bagan is an ancient city of Myanmar founded by Thamoddarit in the early 2nd century. There are about 2,000 of them covering an area of 16 square miles on the eastern bank of the Ayeyarwady in central Myanmar. They are in different sizes and in a bewildering variety of shapes .Bagan can be accepted as a one of the archaeology treasure houses in Asian.


Inle lake is ranked as one of the Myanmar's top five tourist attractions. It is 13.5 miles along and 7 miles wide.Shan,Pa-O,Thang Yo,Danu,Kayah and Danaw tribal people live around the lake whom can be seen at the markets on a Five-day cycle. Boats are the main transport around the lake. The famous leg-rowers can be seen in Inle Lake.


Kalaw was founded by British civil servants in order to avoid heat from Plains in hot season. Kalaw still feels like a high-altitude holiday resort: the air is cool, the atmosphere is calm, the streets are leafy and green, and the surrounding hills offer some of the best trekking in Myanmar.

Taung Gyi

Taunggyi was established as key center in the 1890s, when Sir J. George Scott had the state's administration moved there, and is the present capital of State. Once a year, famous hot balloon festival is celebrated in Tasaungmon Full moon day (November). Tens of thousands of people come from all over Myanmar but also tourists to watch amazing verity style of hot balloons such as style of elephant, cock, horse and so on.